Mission Statement - Network against Abuse of Power in Science

The objective of our network is to raise awareness about abuses of power in academia and to provide independent advice to individuals who are experiencing problems of this kind. In addition, our network offers assistance to ombudspersons dealing with cases of power abuse, as well as to academic institutions seeking to take preventive measures.
Power abuse has long been a taboo topic in academia, sustained by dependency relations and a culture of fear. The network intends its work to highlight the systemic nature  of the problem and thereby contribute to the promotion of inclusive and open structures as a prerequisite for scientific creativity and academic freedom.

What is abuse of power? Why a network against the abuse of power?


What and who is the Network against Abuse of Power in Science?

The network is an association of scientists of different disciplines from university and non-university research institutions. It was founded by scientists who have dealt with the issue of abuse of power in the scientific system in various ways and want to create a broader awareness of the issue. We want to be an independent point of contact and advice for people who feel affected by abuse of power within science. In addition, we want to bring the discourse on the abuse of power in science from the scientific community to the general public and open up new perspectives on the topic for political decision-makers.

Active supporters are welcome to join us in the network. We are also happy to network with thematically related organizations, networks, groups and initiatives. If you are interested, please contact us so that we can get to know each other in advance.

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