Contact our network against abuse of power in science

Help for victims of abuse of power: Have you experienced abuse of power in your environment? Would you like support, exchange and advice on your options for action?

Becoming a network member: Or do you work at an institution that wants to prevent power abuse internally? Do you need information and recommendations on the topic? Or would you like to support us with your cooperation and become part of the network?

Then feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address:


Note: Unfortunately we have to realize that our network is needed and the demand for consultations is high. We try to be there for you as soon as possible, but unfortunately there may be waiting times due to the large number of cases. We will try to help you as soon as possible.

Moral support: We also appreciate moral support. If you would like to support the Network against Abuse of Power in Science (mawi) ideally, please also write us an e-mail.

Describe briefly - in no more than three sentences - why you share our concerns, and give us permission to publish your statement together with your name and, if applicable, your institutional affiliation on our website* (you can of course revoke this consent at any time).

If you support us with such a statement but do not wish to appear by name, please instead name a pseudonym we should use in your email to us. Thank you very much.

*There is no right to be named as a supporter or to have a statement published. The decision about this is made by the members of mawi in consultation with each other.

What happens when I contact the network/one of the contact persons?

Please make initial contact via our e-mail address kontakt[at] Based on the initial details you provide, a tandem of two network members will contact you via the contact channel of your choice.

Everything that is communicated - in whatever form - remains confidential. You will discuss your specific situation with your contact persons and receive initial advice and possibly recommendations for action.

Within the scope of our possibilities as a network, we advise you on your specific situation. Together with your contact persons, you decide which next steps can be taken.

If you wish to pass this on to us, we will include your anonymized case description in our case studies in order to encourage others to defend themselves or to seek help.